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"'Love feels like moon-bathing at the beach to the sound of crashing waves,' says documentary photographer Alex La Cruz. Alex has been taking pictures for 10 years. His speciality is finding the moments at which intimacy moves into art, the sumptuous captured closeness of the adored. His work is not so much about what love feels like, but an honest journey into what it looks like, too.

...Alex's photography is made documentary style by allowing people to drift into their own space and create their own frame. His architectural eye will do the rest. 'I like putting ingredients together,' he says, 'and seeing what happens.'"

Alex La Cruz interviewed by Paul Flynn "Finding Love in Fire Island." LOVE Magazine No.22 Autumn/Winter 2019: 430+. Print

Lives and works in New York.


Originating in Puerto Rico, La Cruz first began to reflect on solitude, intimacy and sex in American living upon moving to New York. His photographs are voyeuristic narratives that capture daring moments of vulnerability and strength in his subjects.


Trained as an architect at The Cooper Union, there is an underlying structure that forms a foundation for every image. The subject and material environment he captures is both spontaneous and disarmingly composed. The cinematic quality of his videos, like his photographs, create moments that heighten and expand light, time, space and subject to propose alternative versions of reality.  

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